Sales Account Management



An effective and consistent approach to the account planning and review process is essential in a world-class sales organisation. Companies tend to rely upon the skills and experience of individuals to manage their sales accounts. If no single standard business wide process is adopted, the result is confusion and uncertainty in the sales community and varying degrees of performance and results. Very often the basic skills and principles of sales management are forgotten. The review and development phase of any plan is therefore diminished because of the varying quality of application. A single standard, when applied and adopted delivers benefit to customers, account teams and management alike.


Steve Connell enjoyed a highly successful career with BT. He held numerous senior sales and marketing positions within the business and ultimately became responsible for managing BT’s Travel, Leisure and Business Services market verticals and 100 professional consultative sales and marketing people in a business that delivered 42% growth in 2002/03, generating £500m revenue and £100m profit per annum for the company.


Steve designed and implemented a corporate sales management governance which was built around an industry market vertical structure based upon customer needs analysis. He also successfully executed a multi channel customer interface programme and a standard sales management account planning and review process. He has developed a suite of development programmes including a sales management, account planning and review process that consists of the following elements:

  • Sales principles

  • Account development planning

  • Contact strategy development

  • Value proposition development

  • Sales planning

  • Sales management