Personal IMPACT



Presenting with IMPACT


Speaking with confidence, authority and clarity has always been a key skill requirement of business people. Creating impact, whether that is at a conference, with a client or customer, at a board meeting or even at team meetings and in one to one’s, has never been more important.


For senior managers this is even more vital. Leaders are expected to inspire and communicate their messages clearly, unambiguously and passionately. Great communication skills are now an essential life skill and one of the key personal differentiators


Every time that you speak in public you have the opportunity to enhance your own personal brand.

It is ironic that although the thought of public speaking fills most people with dread, many people believe that speaking before groups does not take any special training or skill development. 


Nothing could be farther from the truth. Effective speakers learn how to present in the same way that they learn the tools needed to operate their business. 

Presenting is a learned skill - it takes time and practice.


The good news is that many common speaking mistakes are easy to avoid. Techniques can be developed to assist with structure, content and delivery to ensure consistently good performance and ongoing improvement in the art of public speaking.


Steve Connell has many years of experience in public speaking. Having run a sales division in BT he has spoken at many sales conferences and as a speaker and former Chairman of the Oxford Summer School he often delivers key note speeches to large audiences. Steve is frequently invited to speak at sales conferences as a guest speaker and often assists other speakers in their scripting, preparation and performance.


Steve has created a suite of development programmes including the inspire IMPACT programme which addresses all aspects of public speaking and presentation skills. It aims to move delegates from the 'presentation zone' to the 'performance zone' providing them with the confidence to perform at their peak. Most people would rather die than present in public and this programme is designed to provide people with the huge sense of achievement that comes from not only doing a great job but in overcoming their fears.