Leadership has long been a highly debated subject. Many people believe that you cannot be taught leadership only be born to it. Few people can agree on the qualities, characteristics and behaviours of leaders. A questionnaire survey of 75 senior executives, carried out be the American business journal, Fortune, listed fifteen executive qualities and nearly a third of the 75 said that they thought all of these qualities were indispensable.


There is no doubt that leadership is a blend of personal skills and personal attitude. I believe that leadership skills can be learnt and that leadership attitudes can be developed and nurtured.

This is the objective of this development programme from inspire. To remove some of the mystery surrounding effective leadership and provide delegates with the tools and knowledge needed to develop their own leadership capabilities.

Steve Connell has led teams throughout his life, whether that be in a business or a social capacity. He has managed BT’s flagship store in Oxford Street, managed a £500m sales division and Chaired the Oxford Summer School for four years between 2005 and 2008. 

As a result of this experience and of working for some highly inspirational leaders, Steve has developed an astute awareness of the art of leadership.


The programme covers the following key areas:


Leadership defined

-      Leadership versus management

-      Setting and executing strategy

Understanding Leadership

-      Styles

-      Characteristics

-      Behaviours

-      Personal Brand Essence

Leadership styles

-      Debating alternative styles

-      Identifying and evidencing own personal style

Leadership skills

-      Inspiration

-      Organisation

-      Communication

-      Motivation

Achieving the common task

-      Becoming more strategically aware

-      Setting relevant goals and objectives

Working as a team

-      Understanding team dynamics

-      Adopting alternative management styles 

Respecting and developing individual members of the team

-      Understanding motivation

-      Explore coaching techniques

Personal leadership development

-      Understanding personal motivation

-      Personal development planning