Executive Coaching


‘How can I be more proactive?’

‘How can I make better use of my time to plan, to be in control, to make choices?’

‘How do I enable my people to achieve their objectives?’

'How do I become a better manager and leader?'

‘How can I be sure that I achieve my own goals and ambitions?’

If you ever ask yourself any of these questions then you are half way to the answer. Self awareness is key to effective personal development. In answering these questions many managers have worked with Steve Connell on developing their effectiveness, their impact and success in their careers. 

Since creating inspire Steve has developed a number of programmes that focus on enabling individuals to take control of their own destiny and in doing so develop a highly proactive management style. His one to one sessions are based upon the following programmes and are designed to enable individuals to understand what motivates them, to take action, to realise their potential and to make a difference.


Personal Brand Essence
 - behaviours, attitudes, values, performance

Personal Bandwidth
 - commercial awareness, strategic awareness, mentoring, coaching, team building
Personal Impact
 - networking, influencing, communication skills, presentation skills

Proactive Leadership
 - vision and direction setting, planning and execution, managing change

Personal Life Planning
 - self awareness, identifying strengths and weaknesses, goal setting

Personal Development
 - skills development, attitudinal development, learning, career planning