The inspire consultancy proposition is founded upon a classic balanced scorecard approach. We analyse a businesses performance by looking at four key areas.

Shareholder Value
We examine how profit is generated by understanding and identifying what the unique selling points, points of differentiation and customised value propositions are that deliver shareholder return.

By segmenting the existing customer base we are able to identify the Tier 1 customers that organisations have and create proactive account management strategies to ensure that this installed based in defended and developed profitably.

We complete competitor analysis to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the other players in our market vertical, how their offers compare and contrast with ours, how we can build and maintain competitive advantage and drive new business.

Organisational Effectiveness
Once we have a complete understanding of our business, our customers and our key performance indicators we then look at how the organisation needs to be structured and how people need to be developed, measured and rewarded.

Unlike many other consultancies, inspire not only works with clients on identifying what needs to be done but becomes fully immersed in delivering the recommendations that we make.