Book Talk



"Reading this book has the potential to both enhance and change your life."
John Dean, Chief Executive, British Shops and Stores Association

"A great book and an absolute must read for managers who want a successful career."
Kevin Breese, General Manager, Harvey Nichols

"Steve Connell is an inspiring force of nature. If you can't get to him in person, get his book."
Martin Butler, Retail Lecturer and Author

"This book bristles with energy, ideas and huge helpings of common sense. Written in a down to earth and honest style, it shows how anyone can squeeze more out of life and work"
Fred Ford, Divisional Director, Chelsea Building Society

"Whether you think you already have a very strong Personal Brand Essence or this is an entirely new concept to you - this guide is a must."
Fraser Longden, Group Head of Talent and Engagement, Kingfisher

"This book captures perfectly both Steve's easy style and challenging thinking. It is both intentionally provocative and yet straight forward to follow."
Pete Westall, Regional Director, Mid Counties Co-Operative

"Steve has the natural ability to connect to any individual at any level. I can recommend not only Steve but also his book. Better still combine the two!"
Peter Mallinson, Chief Executive, Multiyork

"It is rare that you find a book that is as fast paced and enjoyable as a holiday novel but yet has the potential to have a profound and positive impact on your life."
Steve Clarke, Global Head of Sales, BT Unilever