Sales Account Management is a new book which Steve is currently writing. The book decscribes in detail how to make a career in selling and charts how a sales professional can excel in their role as well as prepare themselves for a role in sales management.

In my experience, most organisations tend to rely on the inherent skills of the people that they recruit into their sales forces. They depend upon their conscientiousness and their ability to access and apply their previous experience. The problem with this approach is that sales people often have no option but to learn on the job, experimenting with customers and emulating the behaviours of those already established in the sales team. This is fine if they never make a mistake with the client and if the existing role models and management are outstandingly good but experience shows again that this is rarely, if ever, the case.


There are, of course, plenty of examples of highly successful sales people who have survived and thrived despite these initial handicaps but they are in the significant minority and more often than not end up being promoted to sales management positions on the back of their outstanding sales performance as a sales person. This then presents us with another problem. Just because someone is a great sales person doesn’t naturally mean that they will be a great manager of sales people. In fact, experience again shows us that this is generally not the case.


This book seeks to address these challenges and is written with three objectives in mind. The first is to provide a sales person with the tools and techniques that they need to be successful in their dealings with customers. The second is to enable Sales Managers to manage their sales forces more effectively. The third is to provide sales professionals with the path, should they wish to take it, from sales representative to sales management through account management en route.

The book is due to be published in the Spring of 2013.

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